The full 13-year panel data set, the questionnaires and a basic information document for data users are now publicly available.

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Data users, using the questionnaires to link up with the downloaded data sets, are advised to download the questionnaires directly from the above mentioned websites rather than from the links below.

At the start of KHDS details of all respondents listed on the KHDS-1 roster in 1991/94 were recorded on a Household Tracking Form. For each member that was not living in the original village or in the immediate vicinity of it an Individual Tracking Form was filled in containing detailed information on how to reach the individual. Very often the interviewers were instructed to speak to other informants. In case this informant him or herself lived far away, an Informant Tracking Form was filled to reach him or her.

The main KHDS instrument was an elaborate Household Questionnaire. Two cards were inserted in the questionnaire. Each of these cards lines up with the rows in certain sections. The Household Roster shows the name, sex, age and ID number of each current household member. When a KHDS1 respondent is currently found to be living apart from other members his/her 1991/94 household, then these people are recorded on the Network Roster. Except for these split-off household members this roster also includes children previously recorded as living elsewhere. The network roster allows for the collection of linked relational data on the extended family.

Anthropometric measurements of all current household members were taken (even if they were not KHDS1 respondents). These measurements were recorded on the Anthropometric Questionnaire. For all KHDS-1 respondents who died between 1991/94 and 2004 information on the circumstances of their death was collected in a Mortality Questionnaire.

Price data was collected at local markets and recorded in the Price Questionnaire. For each KHDS-1 cluster a Community Questionnaire was administered to a group of key informants, as well as a School Questionnaire in the primary school(s) in the community.

Public release of the data and questionnaires of the 2010 is expected for Summer 2012.